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Ethically Sourced Flowers

At Floretly, we take great pride in our commitment to providing our customers with the freshest and most beautiful flowers while supporting local communities and sustainable farming practices. Our dedication to sourcing flowers from certified farms in the United Arab Emirates is a testament to our values and the quality we deliver.

We firmly believe in the importance of supporting local flower growers right here in the UAE. By sourcing our blooms from certified farms in the region, we reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to the growth of our local flower industry. 

We value transparency in every aspect of our business. We have forged strong partnerships with certified flower farms, ensuring that our customers can trace the journey of every stem in their bouquet, from the farm to their doorstep.

Our commitment to sourcing from certified farms means that we receive flowers that meet the highest standards of quality and freshness. This ensures that your Floretly bouquet not only looks stunning but also lasts longer, brightening your space for days.Certified farms in the UAE adhere to responsible and sustainable farming practices that protect the environment. This means fewer pesticides, reduced water usage, and minimal impact on local ecosystems.

These farms also prioritize the welfare of their workers, providing fair wages, safe working conditions, and access to education and healthcare. By choosing Floretly, you support a more equitable and just society.

Sourcing from certified farms fosters economic growth within local communities. Your purchase helps these communities thrive, creating a positive cycle of growth and opportunity.

Supporting the UAE Flower Industry
By choosing Floretly, you become a part of our mission to boost the UAE flower industry while enjoying stunning, locally sourced bouquets. Our partnerships with certified farms empower us to provide you with an array of delightful options, from the finest roses to exotic and native blooms.

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