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Love Bloom

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Love Bloom, the quintessential Valentine’s Day flower bouquet, is a romantic masterpiece designed to convey love and affection in the most enchanting way. Comprising 10 radiant red roses and 5 delicate baby roses in pure white, this exquisite arrangement is a visual symphony that captures the essence of passion and purity.

The Love Bloom bouquet is meticulously crafted to evoke the emotions associated with love and admiration. Each red rose symbolizes deep love and desire, while the baby roses in pristine white represent the innocence and purity that form the foundation of a true and enduring bond. Together, they create a harmonious blend that speaks volumes without uttering a word.


In the realm of floral artistry, Love Bloom stands as a testament to the enduring power of love. This meticulously crafted Valentine’s Day flower bouquet transcends the ordinary, creating an immersive experience that goes beyond the visual appeal of the blooms. Comprising 10 resplendent red roses and 5 dainty baby roses in pure white, Love Bloom is a symphony of emotions, each petal telling a tale of love, passion, and purity.

The selection of red roses is a deliberate choice, rooted in centuries-old symbolism. Red, the color of passion and deep emotions, has been associated with love since time immemorial. The velvety texture of each red rose petal invites touch, while the rich, vibrant hue speaks volumes about the intensity of the emotions it represents. These roses are not just flowers; they are messengers of love, carrying the weight of centuries of romantic symbolism.

Interwoven with the red roses are 5 baby roses in pristine white. These delicate blooms symbolize the innocence and purity that mark the beginning of a love story. In the language of flowers, white is the canvas upon which the colors of love are painted. It signifies new beginnings, untarnished emotions, and the promise of a pure and enduring connection.

The artistry of Love Bloom goes beyond the careful selection of flowers; it extends to the arrangement itself. Each bloom is thoughtfully placed to create a visual narrative that unfolds as the bouquet is beheld. The red and white hues play off each other, creating a captivating dance of colors that mirrors the complex and multifaceted nature of love.

To elevate the presentation, Love Bloom is expertly hand-tied with a satin ribbon in a deep shade of red. The ribbon not only serves as a unifying element but also adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the bouquet. It’s a subtle yet impactful detail that enhances the overall aesthetic, making Love Bloom not just a bouquet but a work of art.

The significance of Love Bloom extends beyond its visual appeal. The bouquet is a sensory experience, engaging not only sight but also touch and smell. As fingers graze over the velvety petals of the red roses, and the delicate baby roses are cradled in the hands, the tactile experience enhances the emotional connection. Meanwhile, the fragrance of the roses fills the air, creating an olfactory symphony that complements the visual and tactile elements.

Choosing Love Bloom is not merely selecting a gift; it’s curating a moment. It’s a conscious decision to communicate love in a language that surpasses words. Whether you’re expressing your feelings for the first time or commemorating years of shared joy, Love Bloom becomes the vessel through which emotions are expressed and memories are created.

The longevity of the bouquet is a testament to the commitment it represents. Love Bloom is not a fleeting gesture but a lasting reminder of the love shared between two individuals. The freshness and quality of the roses ensure that each bloom unfurls to reveal its full splendor, creating a lasting impression that lingers in the memory.

In the grand tapestry of love, Love Bloom is a carefully woven thread, contributing to the larger narrative of a shared journey. The red roses symbolize the passion that ignites and sustains love over time, while the white baby roses embody the purity and innocence that characterize the foundation of a lasting connection.

As a gift for Valentine’s Day, Love Bloom transcends the conventional. It’s not just a bouquet; it’s an embodiment of the emotions that make this day special. The red and white color palette aligns seamlessly with the theme of love, while the expert craftsmanship ensures that each element, from the choice of flowers to the arrangement and presentation, contributes to the overall impact.

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Essentials (7 Red Roses and 4 baby White roses), Luxury (10 Red roses and 5 baby White Rose), Moments (5 Red Roses and 2 Baby White roses)

Caring for your Bouquets

1. How can I make my flowers last longer and open up faster?

Clean your vase thoroughly.
Use lukewarm water, fill two-thirds, and add flower food. Top up water after a day.
Remove submerged foliage and guard petals.
Trim stems at a 45-degree angle, varying lengths.
Change water regularly and keep flowers away from direct sunlight.
Remove wilted flowers to avoid spreading mold.

2. How do I choose the right vase?
Pick a vase half the height of flowers. For a balanced bouquet, use a narrower vase for bottom-heavy arrangements and a wider one for top-heavy. Ensure the vase is clean.

3.  How much water and when should I change it?
Fill two-thirds with lukewarm water. Add flower food. Top up after a day. Change water every other day or if cloudy.

4. Why should I trim the stems?
Stems dry out, so cut 2-3cm at a 45-degree angle. Remove submerged foliage. This enhances water uptake and prevents stems from resting at the vase bottom.

5. Where should I keep my flowers?
Keep flowers in cool conditions, away from drafts, heat, and direct sunlight. Avoid placing them near fruit, especially apples, as ethylene gas can cause deterioration.

6.Can I keep flowers in their gift bag/hat box?
While a nice presentation, transfer flowers to a vase for longer life.

7. How often should I change water for my bouquet?
Top up water every other day, change if cloudy. Remove dead or wilting stems, clean the vase, and refill.

8. How do I care for roses?
Peel away discolored outer petals. Cut stems underwater to prevent air bubbles. Submerge drooping roses, cut stems again, and shake to release air bubbles.

9. How do I care for tulips?
Use a supportive vase, trim stems regularly, and rotate the vase. If tulips droop, prick the stem with a pin just below the flower head, recut the bottom, and place in water for an hour.


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